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OK, so the packing continues. Our library has become our own version of the Augean Stables, and I’ll pause a moment for you to read Wikipedia if you don’t remember your Greek mythology.

When we started:














Last week:




























OK, so there is some progress.  But we’ve been working every day, and still not one room is down to floor level.  We have a garage full of rummage for our upcoming sale, a full pod, and 100 or so boxes piled in the living room.  And the library STILL ISN’T DONE.  I’m convinced that some sort of supernatural power is at work, entering our home each evening and scattering books and various household crap in its wake. 

Did I mention that I hate moving?  This is why.  I hate when my house looks like a disaster area, and I’m spending all day every day working on it–so it looks worse.   The more shelves we delve into, the more erupts from their depths.  So if you wonder why my blog posts have decreased to a trickle, now you know.

 One final glimpse into the void, my bedroom:











I’ve never felt so sorry for Hercules.


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